Makeup Must Haves

Matte me up 😍

Happy Mon-yay everyone!😍

For this weeks Makeup must have Monday I thought I’d share my secret weapon for setting my makeup and keeping my skin mattifyed and shine free.

I’ve been using pressed powders over my foundation for years, I find it’s the only thing Collection-Sheer-Loose-Powder-20g-Translucent-2-292265that helps to keep my face shine free. I picked up the Collection Sheer Loose Powder in Boots there last year and have not stopped using it since. The powder is really fine and light weight so when it’s applied it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on your face. If I have a full face of makeup on I normally apply this with a beauty blender, under my eyes, along my forehead and under my cheek bones. Or if I am only wearing a small amount of foundation or BB cream I just use a big powder brush and dust it over my face. I was a bit skeptical trying it because the powder is practically white, but it blends perfectly with your skin and gives a gorgeous matte finish. You can get this in Boots or Superdrug, it’s no more than €4. This little baby is definitely a makeup bag must have to add that matte finish to your makeup look😚.

Though I have never tried the Laura Mercier Loose Powder I would say this one poses as a pretty good dupe and not to mention a cheaper option🤔. I guess I better try them both and see!

A short and sweet post for today but I do hope you liked it😚.

As always, thank you for reading.

Le grá,

EL xx


Next Stop – Boston ✈️

My next adventure of 2017 is my upcoming holiday to Boston. My sister Sophia is there at the moment working (she left me almost a year ago and yes I am still devastated😭) so I’m going to go and see her in August – 22 days left to be exact. I’m going for 10 days – 9 nights and I am soooooo super excited 😍😍😍. I’ve never been to Boston before so I’m really  looking forward to exploring a new city.


I booked my flights with Norwegian Airlines for only €200 return!!! They had a massive sale on and with prices like that I just couldn’t say no! HOWEVER, the reason the flights were so cheap is 1. the fare doesn’t include checked baggage and 2. it also doesn’t include inflight meals. But I don’t mind because it’s only €70 to add on a checked bag (return) and I would prefer to bring my own little snacks and stuff to keep my going on the flight. While I was hunting for accommodation I soon discovered that the price for hotels in Boston is, to put it simply, extortionate! I mean, the prices were starting at €1,800 for 9 nights and going up as far as €5,000…. that’s just crazy!! Even the Air Bnb wasn’t coming in much cheaper. I found a hostel which had decent enough ratings, this was around €950, but the rooms were literally like prison cells. I decided to give Air Bnb one last trawl and I came across a gorgeous little apartment in central Boston for less than €1,200. An absolute steal if you ask me!

So aside from going shopping and eating everything in site my list of things to do includes –

  • Sam Adam’s Brewery
  • Quincy Market
  • Boston Tea Party Site
  • The Freedom Trail
  • Museum of Science
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Skywalk Observatory
  • Harvard University

and the list will go on because I’m still finding more things to see and do😂.

I will do some blog posts on my travel essentials and tips for you so do stay tuned. If you liked this post please do give it a little like or comment😗.

Thank you for reading 😗.

El xxx






Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to the Gym I go

After much deliberating and excuse making I FINALLY dragged my brown little butt backIMG_20170726_142158_489.jpg to the gym. I have been a member of Energie Fitness since August last year and guess how many times I’ve gone… not a whole lot🙄🙄. See when I joined last year I set myself a little goal, and that is that I would go to the gym when I can. I promised myself I wouldn’t kill myself trying to go because that would be when I would start to hate going. I have joined gyms and bootcamps before and when I got fed up I cancelled and then when I got all motivated again I was kicking myself for leaving. So this time I told myself to be a member for as long as I want, and go when I want to. No pressure no stress, just exercise when I’m up for it basically🤗🤗.

So I started back on Monday and let me tell you I literally dragged myself out of the bed and out of the house.. and drove as slow as possible to the gym 🙄🙄. BUT I left the gym feeling really good and proud of myself for going and putting the effort it. I’m trying to improve my fitness so I’m working on my cardio at the moment – mainly because I cannot run for the life of me. While I also want to trim down (as I’m feeling a bit fluffy) and I would like to tone up – I ultimately just want to feel better. I’m so sick of feeling so tired, sluggish and just plain crappy. I’m also tired of looking at myself in the mirror and wishing I looked a different way. I don’t think that I am by any means fat or flabby or ugly or any of them things – but I’d just like to look in the mirror and think “wow, I look good, I look healthy”. At the moment I’m a healthy size 12 and that’s the size I plan to stay at.

I think sometimes it can be very hard to love the skin that your in nowadays. All you have to do is scroll through my Instagram to know what I mean. It’s just full of skinny toned models with perfect skin hair teeth lips bums boobs…everything! And I know that strongsometimes it’s just the way the photo is or the lighting is or the way they’re posed. But I think you automatically just cannot help but say – jaysus look at her, wouldn’t you love to look like her. What we should be doing rather than comparing ourselves to them is use them as an inspiration for your own aspirations and goals. At the end of the day you are you and there is only one YOU. No two people are the same – so instead of trying to look like someone else why not work at being the best version of YOU?

So this is what my aim is – to be the best version of ME. I think I owe it to myself to put a little bit of effort in to feel better about myself. Currently I’m focusing on eating clean, drinking more water and not depriving myself while I do it – because honestly, I couldn’t live without garlic mayo.

I will keep you guys up to date on my little journey so do stay tuned – I might even post a before and after pic🙄😘.

As always, thanks so much for reading😘.

Le grá,

El xx



Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist

I don’t know about you guys but I swear that every time I’m trying to save for a something – such as my holiday which is now 4 weeks away – there’s concert tickets going onsale, Missguided and Boohoo have a sale, you get discount codes sent to you and the worst one of them all, your favorite makeup brand releases a new product. How is anyone supposed to save any money at all with all of this temptation around 😖.

In light of this I thought I’d put together a little wishlist of the eyeshadow palettes that I seriously am drooling over😍. I thought that this might satisfy my needs at this moment in time and possibly prevent me from making any irresponsible purchases😂😂😂.

Inglot Cosmetics Signature Collection Eyeshadow Palettes – If you are an Inglot fan you’ll already know how amazing their eyeshadows are. They’re super pigmented and so easy to blend what’s not to love about them? Not to mention that you can literally get any colour you want with the range that they have. They recently released their new Signature Collection and OH MY DAYS are they fab. The Berry and Candy palettes are my favorite. I love the cranberry tones in the Berry and pinky colours in the Candy palette. I think both palettes are perfect to create a day or night look, I really cannot wait to pick them up and give them a try😍. They retail @ €32 each and are available online here.






Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawless 3 Resurrection – As you already know from my previous posts, I am a massive fan of the brand Makeup Revolution. I have so many of their eyeshadow (and blush) palettes already that I use all the time, they’re just so affordable and so pigmented it’s hard not to have so many😅. This palette caught my eye on my Insta feed and it’s definitely next on my list to try. The palette is all matte with warm tones that are just so stunning, the orangey tones I love in particular🤗. This palette retails at €11.50 and you can get this palette in Superdrug or online here👈.


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette – Urban Decay have completely outdone themselves with this palette, I still can’t get over how pretty it is😭😭 I already have the Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes, along with the Smoked, Gwen Steffani and the Vice palettes which are all just amazing.  Again I absolutely love the look of the warm burnty shades in this palette and can only imagine how gorgeous they are when swatched😮 This palette isn’t available in Ireland just yet but is due to be released in Ireland in the end of July, and when that day comes I plan to be top of the queue😏 The other Naked palettes were around the €50 mark so I’m guessing this one will be around the same.



Too Faced Cosmetics White Chocolate Palette – So Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Too Faced Cosmetics, Jerrod Blandino, dropped an absolute Chocolatey BOMB on Instagram today. He posted a sneaky peak of the new limited edition White Chocolate Palette and .. I am shook hunny 😳😳😳. I can’t even deal with the colours in it, there are some gorgeous shimmery shades along with some pinky peachy shades.. it all just looks amazing😍. I already have their Chocolate and Semi Sweet Chocolate palette, which I adore, they are so buttery AND they even smell like chocolate! What more could you want🤣🤣. Jerrod hashtagged black Friday and cyber Monday in his post so the guess is that this beauty will be released at the end of November/Christmas Time.


Well.. needless to say I do feel a little better after writing this, the urge has relieved itself slightly! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please do give it a little like below. Maybe I’ll do more of these kind of posts🤔🤔.

As always, thank you for reading 😇

le grá,

El xx


My secret to shiny, healthy hair 💁🏽

Hello again, and happy Hump Day! 👋🏽

So recently a lot of people have been asking me what I use on my hair, how is it so shiny and is it real. First of all, yes, it’s 100% home-grown by moi which I have been growing since I was 18. Basically when I was 18 I modeled for House of Colour back then and believe it or not I had really really short hair, and I don’t mean bob short, it was shaved short. I liked to call it the Rihanna hairstyle even though it was so far from that it’s not even true! I also had every colour possible in my hair from bright orange to blonde to purple to blue.  So ever since then I have been growing my hair.

Anyway – long story short, I have been growing it ever since then and I did that just by getting it cut regularly. It was stuck at boobie length there for a while though because I had a blonde balayage in my hair and the blonde parts got really dry and just kept breaking. So I got rid of the blonde and went back to my natural colour. It started to grow much better and now it’s sitting right on top of my bum – just like when I was a kid 😂😂

I don’t do anything special with my hair I literally wash it 2-3 times a week – I really do not believe in washing it every day. Aside from the fact that it’s so much effort, washing it too frequently can really dry your hair out and strip it of it’s natural oils. I also don’t style it every day with a straightener or curler, my hair is naturally straight so I only do it if I’m going out, or if I’m a bit of a frizz ball, yno yourself!

Now in terms of products I never really had an all time favourite shampoo or conditioner. My go to would normally be Dove, I love their conditioners they always leave my hair so so soft. Then my dad used to bring us home Creamsilk from the Philippines, and that stuff is like magic on your hair, especially if you’ve thick hair.

BUT!!! This has all changed now because I found a product that has literally transformed my hair. It has not only made my hair so soft and shiny it has made it so much stronger too. It also doesn’t cost you a bomb at only €1.69 per bottle!!😱 😱 😱

What is this sorcery you say?? Wellllll… it’s the new range of Cien Professional products in none other than Lidl! I say new because it’s new enough to me but it was only launched early this year.



The products contain Keratin – which is the natural IMG_20170718_131901.jpgprotein that makes up most of our hair. Keratin helps to protect from dryness and moisturize and repair damaged hair. I picked these up in February and have been using them ever since – my hair just feels so amazing when I use them. I shampoo twice (have been doing this for years now) and I apply only a marble size amount of conditioner through the ends of my hair.

Soooo if you are looking for a new hair product or are looking for something to help dry or damaged hair, I promise that this stuff is worth a try!

Thank you for reading – and feel free to comment with any questions.

le grá,

El xx

Makeup Must Haves

Penney’s Makeup Must Haves Part 2

I am well aware that this is like 5 months later…but better late than never right?🤔

Soooo.. a long long time ago I posted some Penney’s makeup must haves that I tried and love and use basically every day. We all know that Penney’s is just full of amazing products at the moment, so naturally my list is endless. But I did manage to narrow it down and here is my part 2 ✌️

PS. Vitamin E Eye Patches – I’ve never actually used eye patches before but when I was penneys_811211571512361rambling in Penneys I came across these and for €1.50 I thought, why not pick them up and give them a go? Anyone who works shift work will agree with me when I say it’s tough going, especially when you go from a late shift to an early shift the very next day. I don’t really get dark circles under my eyes unless I am literally wrrrrrecked. The week in particular that I tried them I’d just completed a 50 hour week with a mixture of late early shifts so my eyes were practically hanging out of my head👀. I popped these under my puffy tired eyes one pamper morning and the vitamin E goodness and cool patches worked instantly. The patches are really soaked in the product so they stick to your face nicely, leave them on for 10-15 minutes and your skin just soaks up all the goodness. The area under my eyes was so super soft after I took them off, and the puffiness had gone down a little bit. I was nicely impressed after trying them so I use them at least once every two weeks to give my under eyes some TLC💆. Can I also just point out that there are 15 patches in one packet!? Bargain 💁

PS. Pro Illuminating Primer – I found this little tube of magic in one of the sales shelves, ifFile_001 I remember rightly it was only €2.00. But the reason I picked it up was because 1. it is illuminating and 2. it’s lightweight and says it’s suitable for oily skin. So I tried it the next morning before work and I have used it every day since. This stuff is AH-MAZING😍. I know I probably sound like I say this about everything I try but this really truly is some great stuff. The product is really light weight, it dries nice and matte, and it has a little shimmer to it too. I mix this with my BB cream every day, applying it with a stippling brush, and it gives me (if I do say so myself) really glowy fresh looking skin.  It also keeps my oily skin shine free all day. It’s even nicer on now to wear alone because I got a little bit of sun on my face so I’m nice and tanned again 😎 But I also wear it on a night out under my foundation and my make up stays put. Definitely a must have 📝.

PS Contour Sticks – Before I start I just want to say I’m not into the whole Kardashian, File_003chiseled, cartoon type contouring. I just don’t like it, I don’t see the point in shading your face so much? Love the face you were born with and highlight it don’t hide it🤗 I normally wear bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and around my forehead to give my face a glow. I thought I’d give these a try anyway, just to see what they were like. These were surprisingly really pigmented! I used the darkest one in the hollows of my cheeks, I just drew a line down from my ear and blended it with my Nima brush (I can’t remember the name). They’re really creamy and so so easy to blend, so now I use them all the time and sometimes ad a little bronzer on top just to add shimmer⭐️. So, defo give them a go, they won’t disappoint!




PS. Micellar Cleansing Wipes – I’ve been using make up wipes (or baby wipes) since File_002basically forever. I use them to remove my make up at night and freshen up my face in the morning. I do use a Micellar water and Toner as well but I always use the wipes to take my make up off. I’ve tried nearly all the wipes that Penneys have and I just never liked any of them. Some of them are so dry you couldn’t wipe anything off with them, others were too thin and  then others just didn’t suit my skin type. But when I found these babies I had to try them. I use the Simple Micellar water and I love it so when I saw Micellar wipes it was like someone was listening to my wishes 😂 😂 Since I started using them my skin has cleared up so much – I’m not really sure how? But I am happy enough to go with it! The wipes aren’t too thin and they’ve just the right amount of moisture in them to wipe off a full face of make up with one wipe ( I do use two after a night out because, let’s be honest – you can’t take eyeliner off with one wipe 🙄.€1.50 for 2 packets of wipes, you just can’t go wrong!

As I said in my previous post – I have so much planned for my little blog! I’m sorry that this one took so long but I do hope that you enjoyed it 😘

As always, thank you for reading ☺️

El xx


I’m baaaaack 😇

Hello .. it’s meeeee…

So I’ll keep this short and sweet. I decided to give myself a little break from social media, I was so busy with work and college that I just decided enough was enough and I temporarily deleted my FB and Insta profile. Thus I also put my little blog on hold. I have to admit, I really enjoyed being away from it all. As I had mentioned I was going to London for my Birthday and I went and came back without going near my Instagram. I Take-time-to-be-happywent back on FB which I will also admit I went back on cause it was my birthday and I like that my friends and family go out of their way to post me a little bday wish. I know that may sound silly but I have friends and family from all over the world whom I keep in touch with on FB and it’s always nice to hear from them…so don’t judge me ok!?🤣 But, it was nice to be away on a little trip, take a few pictures and not thinking about what captions and tags to use. It truly is amazing how much social media can take up your time and thought. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the land of social media we forget to lift our heads up from our phones and look around us or even look out the window, yno? So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or just feeling like you need some head space, delete them and just have some me time. Trust me, it’s great 🤗

ANYWAY, I went back on them after I’d had my little moment and once I’d had enough time to rest my brain, so now we are back in action!

I have so much planned for my blog and I have so many things coming up that I cannot wait to share on my page.

Thank you as always for reading, and please do stay tuned😘

El xx