Makeup Must Haves

Penney’s Makeup Must Haves Part 2

I am well aware that this is like 5 months later…but better late than never right?🤔

Soooo.. a long long time ago I posted some Penney’s makeup must haves that I tried and love and use basically every day. We all know that Penney’s is just full of amazing products at the moment, so naturally my list is endless. But I did manage to narrow it down and here is my part 2 ✌️

PS. Vitamin E Eye Patches – I’ve never actually used eye patches before but when I was penneys_811211571512361rambling in Penneys I came across these and for €1.50 I thought, why not pick them up and give them a go? Anyone who works shift work will agree with me when I say it’s tough going, especially when you go from a late shift to an early shift the very next day. I don’t really get dark circles under my eyes unless I am literally wrrrrrecked. The week in particular that I tried them I’d just completed a 50 hour week with a mixture of late early shifts so my eyes were practically hanging out of my head👀. I popped these under my puffy tired eyes one pamper morning and the vitamin E goodness and cool patches worked instantly. The patches are really soaked in the product so they stick to your face nicely, leave them on for 10-15 minutes and your skin just soaks up all the goodness. The area under my eyes was so super soft after I took them off, and the puffiness had gone down a little bit. I was nicely impressed after trying them so I use them at least once every two weeks to give my under eyes some TLC💆. Can I also just point out that there are 15 patches in one packet!? Bargain 💁

PS. Pro Illuminating Primer – I found this little tube of magic in one of the sales shelves, ifFile_001 I remember rightly it was only €2.00. But the reason I picked it up was because 1. it is illuminating and 2. it’s lightweight and says it’s suitable for oily skin. So I tried it the next morning before work and I have used it every day since. This stuff is AH-MAZING😍. I know I probably sound like I say this about everything I try but this really truly is some great stuff. The product is really light weight, it dries nice and matte, and it has a little shimmer to it too. I mix this with my BB cream every day, applying it with a stippling brush, and it gives me (if I do say so myself) really glowy fresh looking skin.  It also keeps my oily skin shine free all day. It’s even nicer on now to wear alone because I got a little bit of sun on my face so I’m nice and tanned again 😎 But I also wear it on a night out under my foundation and my make up stays put. Definitely a must have 📝.

PS Contour Sticks – Before I start I just want to say I’m not into the whole Kardashian, File_003chiseled, cartoon type contouring. I just don’t like it, I don’t see the point in shading your face so much? Love the face you were born with and highlight it don’t hide it🤗 I normally wear bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and around my forehead to give my face a glow. I thought I’d give these a try anyway, just to see what they were like. These were surprisingly really pigmented! I used the darkest one in the hollows of my cheeks, I just drew a line down from my ear and blended it with my Nima brush (I can’t remember the name). They’re really creamy and so so easy to blend, so now I use them all the time and sometimes ad a little bronzer on top just to add shimmer⭐️. So, defo give them a go, they won’t disappoint!




PS. Micellar Cleansing Wipes – I’ve been using make up wipes (or baby wipes) since File_002basically forever. I use them to remove my make up at night and freshen up my face in the morning. I do use a Micellar water and Toner as well but I always use the wipes to take my make up off. I’ve tried nearly all the wipes that Penneys have and I just never liked any of them. Some of them are so dry you couldn’t wipe anything off with them, others were too thin and  then others just didn’t suit my skin type. But when I found these babies I had to try them. I use the Simple Micellar water and I love it so when I saw Micellar wipes it was like someone was listening to my wishes 😂 😂 Since I started using them my skin has cleared up so much – I’m not really sure how? But I am happy enough to go with it! The wipes aren’t too thin and they’ve just the right amount of moisture in them to wipe off a full face of make up with one wipe ( I do use two after a night out because, let’s be honest – you can’t take eyeliner off with one wipe 🙄.€1.50 for 2 packets of wipes, you just can’t go wrong!

As I said in my previous post – I have so much planned for my little blog! I’m sorry that this one took so long but I do hope that you enjoyed it 😘

As always, thank you for reading ☺️

El xx


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