How I keep my smile white 😁

Happy Friday everyone!

Soooooo today I wanted to share my little secret to keeping my teeth nice and white. Now they’re not exactly Hollywood White but they’re white enough for me! I’ve been using the  Beverly Hills Perfect White Black Toothpaste for the past 6 months now I’d say and I can honestly say this stuff is incredible. Aside from the fact that it only cost me like €4, the difference in the colour of my teeth since I started using it is amazing. I didn’t take any before and after pictures so let’s just hope you take my word for it hahaha!

What’s in the toothpaste that makes it so amazing? The main ingredient in the toothpaste 1 bev.jpgis the activated charcoal (which is the reason that the toothpaste is actually black, naturally). Charcoal is proven to be one of the most effective teeth whitener ingredients.  How does it work? Charcoal binds itself to the rough parts of your teeth which are normally surface stains or plaque. Once left on long enough, when the charcoal is removed, it takes the surface stains and plaque with it.

The trick with the toothpaste is to leave it on your teeth for a few minutes, before brushing, to let the charcoal do it’s work (although I wasn’t aware of this when I first started using it). It says on the instructions to achieve the best results, leave toothpaste on for 5 minutes and then brush. I know this seems like a long time, I know when I did it first it felt like ages but it is definitely worth the wait.

I will also mention that I have really really sensitive teeth and this toothpaste didn’t Smile

make them sensitive or anything, they were fine.  Love love love this stuff and it will definitely be a product that I will always have. You can get it in Boots or Bradley’s Pharmacy(that’s where I got mine), for under €5.

So if you are looking for a teeth whitening toothpaste that works, try this! I promise it’s amazing 😁.

I hope you enjoyed todays post😙. I have been thinking about trying some teeth whitening strips, so I decided on trying the iWhite ones as they seem to be the ones that are suitable for people with sensitive teeth. I saw that Boots have them on offer for half price so I am going to pick these up today and give them a go. I wanted to give my teeth that extra glow before I go away in two weeks (TWO WEEKS!!! SO EXCITED). So do stay tuned because I will definitely to a product review on these 😙.

As always, thank you for reading😙.

Le grá,

El xxx