If I had to describe myself in a not so little nutshell I would say I am a busy, fun loving, travel enthusiastic, Harry Potter fanatic, book reading, make up addicted, food obsessed, dream chasing and ambitious twenty something year old girl… annnd breathe.

I work full time in hospitality and I am currently studying for my Degree in Hospitality Management. I always try my best to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle between my family, my friends, my course, my job and hobbies even if it means running around like a mad woman!

My blog will feature everything make up related to include some make up tutorials and personal tips. There will also be some travel posts as I have always loved to share my  experiences, tips and info from previous travels and adventures with others.

The goal is also to encourage young girls like my friends, my sisters and myself included to just love the skin that you’re in. To love and embrace the life that you live and to enjoy every second of it.

If there is something that you would like me¬†to cover please get in touch¬†with me¬†ūüėė


El xx