Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to the Gym I go

After much deliberating and excuse making I FINALLY dragged my brown little butt backIMG_20170726_142158_489.jpg to the gym. I have been a member of Energie Fitness since August last year and guess how many times I’ve gone… not a whole lot🙄🙄. See when I joined last year I set myself a little goal, and that is that I would go to the gym when I can. I promised myself I wouldn’t kill myself trying to go because that would be when I would start to hate going. I have joined gyms and bootcamps before and when I got fed up I cancelled and then when I got all motivated again I was kicking myself for leaving. So this time I told myself to be a member for as long as I want, and go when I want to. No pressure no stress, just exercise when I’m up for it basically🤗🤗.

So I started back on Monday and let me tell you I literally dragged myself out of the bed and out of the house.. and drove as slow as possible to the gym 🙄🙄. BUT I left the gym feeling really good and proud of myself for going and putting the effort it. I’m trying to improve my fitness so I’m working on my cardio at the moment – mainly because I cannot run for the life of me. While I also want to trim down (as I’m feeling a bit fluffy) and I would like to tone up – I ultimately just want to feel better. I’m so sick of feeling so tired, sluggish and just plain crappy. I’m also tired of looking at myself in the mirror and wishing I looked a different way. I don’t think that I am by any means fat or flabby or ugly or any of them things – but I’d just like to look in the mirror and think “wow, I look good, I look healthy”. At the moment I’m a healthy size 12 and that’s the size I plan to stay at.

I think sometimes it can be very hard to love the skin that your in nowadays. All you have to do is scroll through my Instagram to know what I mean. It’s just full of skinny toned models with perfect skin hair teeth lips bums boobs…everything! And I know that strongsometimes it’s just the way the photo is or the lighting is or the way they’re posed. But I think you automatically just cannot help but say – jaysus look at her, wouldn’t you love to look like her. What we should be doing rather than comparing ourselves to them is use them as an inspiration for your own aspirations and goals. At the end of the day you are you and there is only one YOU. No two people are the same – so instead of trying to look like someone else why not work at being the best version of YOU?

So this is what my aim is – to be the best version of ME. I think I owe it to myself to put a little bit of effort in to feel better about myself. Currently I’m focusing on eating clean, drinking more water and not depriving myself while I do it – because honestly, I couldn’t live without garlic mayo.

I will keep you guys up to date on my little journey so do stay tuned – I might even post a before and after pic🙄😘.

As always, thanks so much for reading😘.

Le grá,

El xx



I’m baaaaack 😇

Hello .. it’s meeeee…

So I’ll keep this short and sweet. I decided to give myself a little break from social media, I was so busy with work and college that I just decided enough was enough and I temporarily deleted my FB and Insta profile. Thus I also put my little blog on hold. I have to admit, I really enjoyed being away from it all. As I had mentioned I was going to London for my Birthday and I went and came back without going near my Instagram. I Take-time-to-be-happywent back on FB which I will also admit I went back on cause it was my birthday and I like that my friends and family go out of their way to post me a little bday wish. I know that may sound silly but I have friends and family from all over the world whom I keep in touch with on FB and it’s always nice to hear from them…so don’t judge me ok!?🤣 But, it was nice to be away on a little trip, take a few pictures and not thinking about what captions and tags to use. It truly is amazing how much social media can take up your time and thought. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the land of social media we forget to lift our heads up from our phones and look around us or even look out the window, yno? So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or just feeling like you need some head space, delete them and just have some me time. Trust me, it’s great 🤗

ANYWAY, I went back on them after I’d had my little moment and once I’d had enough time to rest my brain, so now we are back in action!

I have so much planned for my blog and I have so many things coming up that I cannot wait to share on my page.

Thank you as always for reading, and please do stay tuned😘

El xx


It’s OK to not be OK

Something a little personal that I think everyone can relate to at some stage in their lives.

If you are feeling down or sad or maybe a little lost.. just read the title again. It is ok to not be ok. It is ok for you to feel sad or down. It is perfectly ok to just have a little cry. We are all human after all and we can’t just sail through life being happy and smiley and comfortable in ourselves 24/7. But just remember, it is so very important to talk about how you feel. May it be your other half, your best friend or a family member such as your mam, dad, uncle, or even your cousin. You need to talk about those feelings that you have building up inside. Even if you think it’s only something small that’s bothering you, it doesn’t matter because if it’s bothering you it’s important because YOU are important.

I realize and understand how it feels to bottle things up and not want to talk but believe me, opening up to someone close or just to someone you know will listen will give you such relief.

I am certainly no expert but I have been through some stuff myself and I just know how it feels when things get you down and you just feel sad. But just remember, you are important and, it’s ok to not be ok. Remember that you matter and there are so many people around you that care about you more than you will every begin to know. Open up, talk and get whatever it is that’s bothering you off your chest. You will feel the benefits as soon as you begin to speak, I promise.

YOU are important.. no matter what xx


El xx