Makeup Must Haves

Matte me up 😍

Happy Mon-yay everyone!😍

For this weeks Makeup must have Monday I thought I’d share my secret weapon for setting my makeup and keeping my skin mattifyed and shine free.

I’ve been using pressed powders over my foundation for years, I find it’s the only thing Collection-Sheer-Loose-Powder-20g-Translucent-2-292265that helps to keep my face shine free. I picked up the Collection Sheer Loose Powder in Boots there last year and have not stopped using it since. The powder is really fine and light weight so when it’s applied it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on your face. If I have a full face of makeup on I normally apply this with a beauty blender, under my eyes, along my forehead and under my cheek bones. Or if I am only wearing a small amount of foundation or BB cream I just use a big powder brush and dust it over my face. I was a bit skeptical trying it because the powder is practically white, but it blends perfectly with your skin and gives a gorgeous matte finish. You can get this in Boots or Superdrug, it’s no more than €4. This little baby is definitely a makeup bag must have to add that matte finish to your makeup look😚.

Though I have never tried the Laura Mercier Loose Powder I would say this one poses as a pretty good dupe and not to mention a cheaper option🤔. I guess I better try them both and see!

A short and sweet post for today but I do hope you liked it😚.

As always, thank you for reading.

Le grá,

EL xx

Makeup Must Haves

Penney’s Makeup Must Haves Part 2

I am well aware that this is like 5 months later…but better late than never right?🤔

Soooo.. a long long time ago I posted some Penney’s makeup must haves that I tried and love and use basically every day. We all know that Penney’s is just full of amazing products at the moment, so naturally my list is endless. But I did manage to narrow it down and here is my part 2 ✌️

PS. Vitamin E Eye Patches – I’ve never actually used eye patches before but when I was penneys_811211571512361rambling in Penneys I came across these and for €1.50 I thought, why not pick them up and give them a go? Anyone who works shift work will agree with me when I say it’s tough going, especially when you go from a late shift to an early shift the very next day. I don’t really get dark circles under my eyes unless I am literally wrrrrrecked. The week in particular that I tried them I’d just completed a 50 hour week with a mixture of late early shifts so my eyes were practically hanging out of my head👀. I popped these under my puffy tired eyes one pamper morning and the vitamin E goodness and cool patches worked instantly. The patches are really soaked in the product so they stick to your face nicely, leave them on for 10-15 minutes and your skin just soaks up all the goodness. The area under my eyes was so super soft after I took them off, and the puffiness had gone down a little bit. I was nicely impressed after trying them so I use them at least once every two weeks to give my under eyes some TLC💆. Can I also just point out that there are 15 patches in one packet!? Bargain 💁

PS. Pro Illuminating Primer – I found this little tube of magic in one of the sales shelves, ifFile_001 I remember rightly it was only €2.00. But the reason I picked it up was because 1. it is illuminating and 2. it’s lightweight and says it’s suitable for oily skin. So I tried it the next morning before work and I have used it every day since. This stuff is AH-MAZING😍. I know I probably sound like I say this about everything I try but this really truly is some great stuff. The product is really light weight, it dries nice and matte, and it has a little shimmer to it too. I mix this with my BB cream every day, applying it with a stippling brush, and it gives me (if I do say so myself) really glowy fresh looking skin.  It also keeps my oily skin shine free all day. It’s even nicer on now to wear alone because I got a little bit of sun on my face so I’m nice and tanned again 😎 But I also wear it on a night out under my foundation and my make up stays put. Definitely a must have 📝.

PS Contour Sticks – Before I start I just want to say I’m not into the whole Kardashian, File_003chiseled, cartoon type contouring. I just don’t like it, I don’t see the point in shading your face so much? Love the face you were born with and highlight it don’t hide it🤗 I normally wear bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and around my forehead to give my face a glow. I thought I’d give these a try anyway, just to see what they were like. These were surprisingly really pigmented! I used the darkest one in the hollows of my cheeks, I just drew a line down from my ear and blended it with my Nima brush (I can’t remember the name). They’re really creamy and so so easy to blend, so now I use them all the time and sometimes ad a little bronzer on top just to add shimmer⭐️. So, defo give them a go, they won’t disappoint!




PS. Micellar Cleansing Wipes – I’ve been using make up wipes (or baby wipes) since File_002basically forever. I use them to remove my make up at night and freshen up my face in the morning. I do use a Micellar water and Toner as well but I always use the wipes to take my make up off. I’ve tried nearly all the wipes that Penneys have and I just never liked any of them. Some of them are so dry you couldn’t wipe anything off with them, others were too thin and  then others just didn’t suit my skin type. But when I found these babies I had to try them. I use the Simple Micellar water and I love it so when I saw Micellar wipes it was like someone was listening to my wishes 😂 😂 Since I started using them my skin has cleared up so much – I’m not really sure how? But I am happy enough to go with it! The wipes aren’t too thin and they’ve just the right amount of moisture in them to wipe off a full face of make up with one wipe ( I do use two after a night out because, let’s be honest – you can’t take eyeliner off with one wipe 🙄.€1.50 for 2 packets of wipes, you just can’t go wrong!

As I said in my previous post – I have so much planned for my little blog! I’m sorry that this one took so long but I do hope that you enjoyed it 😘

As always, thank you for reading ☺️

El xx

Makeup Must Haves

Penney’s Makeup Must Haves – Part 1

I am sure most of you guys have noticed that Penney’s has completely upped there game in the last year or so, and I’m not just talking clothes wise. They have completely changed their make up game with all sorts of new products and it just keeps getting better! Every time I go into Penneys for a ramble I find something else new in the beauty department – as if I need more temptation, mind you, I was there yesterday and I avoided the beauty department, I was too busy picking out bikinis (not that I needed more cause I currently have almost 30 bikinis, another little addiction I may have 😅😅!)

So this week I decided to put together a list of must haves that I have tried, tested and loooooove. It’s actually quite a long list of items so I will do half this week and half next Monday🙃.img_9277

P.S. Mini Beauty Blenders – Aside from the fact that these little blenders are so feckin’ cute I find that they’re perfect for applying concealer, powder and highlight. The sponge is really really soft and the two different shapes are great for using on different parts of your face and for different products. I use the little green one for my concealer under my eyes, nose and forehead. I use the little pink one for applying strobe cream, I like to apply this in small amounts and build up my highlight rather than whack it on. I then use the little orange one for applying translucent powder, this is the same size as the green one but I didn’t want to use powder and liquid on the same sponge. I also img_9281prefer using the small beauty blenders when applying the translucent powder because I think you can get more definition with them. Especially when you’re baking and carving out your cheek contour😏. The best part about these little mini blenders – they’re only €2.00👍.




P.S. Fan Brush – This fan brush is perfect for applying highlight, it’s really soft and fluffy making applying your highlight easy. You just brush it lightly across the top of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, cupids bow (above your top lip) and the top of your chin. With the brush being so fluffy you are able get a nice generous amount of product on to your skin without having to keep dipping back into the product. The brush has no fall out or anything and washes just fine too. I think it was €3.50, but either way I don’t think you can argue with that!




P.S. Strobe Creams – If you follow me on Instaimg_8513-1gram you probably already know that I am
actually obsessed with these. I picked them up a few weeks ago and I literally have been using them ever day. I still cannot get over just how pigmented and creamy these are😳. I normally stay away from any sort of creamy highlight because of my oily skin but these are actually amazing. I apply to the same areas that I would apply my highlight. If I am going out I like to add a powder highlight on top just to give it that extra pop, but during the week I just wear this on it’s own and it’s just enough to give you that lovely glow. The best thing about them is that they dry nice and quick and the formula doesn’t like stick together, it spreads really well and glides over your skin. I have tried some before that were so img_8515hard to spread and apply, they actually smudged my foundation and mixed into it rather than sit on top. But these strobes don’t do that they are actually a dream to use. They’re only €4.00 and are so so so worth it! I promise that you’ll love them😗.



I hope you liked this weeks Makeup must haves – keep an eye out next week for part 2 of my Penneys Must Haves.


And, as always – thank you for reading 😘.

El xx

Makeup Must Haves

Makeup Revolution Ultra Shade & Light Palette


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Makeup Revolution brand is incredible! I posted about their highlighters a few weeks ago – you can read it here – and raved about the brand. For this weeks Makeup Must Have Monday I decided to pick the Ultra Shade and Light Palette by Makeup Revolution. I know you are wondering, why did she pick this palette out of the 100 palettes she has. To be honest with you I don’t have an all time favourite eyeshadow palette because I just can’t pick one. I have so so many and I love each of them for different reasons so it is too hard to pick! (I am making them sound like people when I say it like this amn’t I? 🤣🤣).

But there are a few reasons why I picked this palette as a Makeup Must Have –

  1. It’s really affordable and doesn’t hurt your purse at only €11.00
  2. If you are new to make up and learning to do your eye makeup this palette is perfect because of the shade range and simplicity
  3. There are so many looks you can create with it
  4. It’s a dupe for the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette
  5. The eyeshadows are so easy to blend and they’re extremely pigmented


I picked it up in Superdrug last year and just loved it from the minute I used it. I would use this palette if I want to do a nice warm smokey eye or if I just want to go for a simple matte neutral eye look. As I said above the eyeshadows are really pigmented so you don’t need to apply loads of product to achieve the colour you want. They are also really easy to blend so you don’t have to blend until your wrist starts to hurt. The brush that comes with it took me by surprise, it’s double ended with a rounded flat brush on one end and a small blending brush on the other. You could easily do your eyes with just this little brush – I did and I was impressed because I normally use about 6 different brushes when I do my img_7595eyes 🤣🤣.

Here is a warm smokey eye look I did using this palette – the glitter on top is from Collection 2000 which I did feature on Makeup Must Have Monday before – see here.

So if you are looking for a simple eyeshadow palette or a matte eyeshadow palette to create a number of different looks and that won’t hurt your purse- this is the one for you🤗.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this weeks Makeup Must Have Monday, if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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Makeup Must Haves

False lash effect Mascara


While I have been blessed with tanned skin and thick hair I was not blessed with curly eyelashes. Granted my eyelashes are very long, but they don’t curl up they’re just straight, like they literally just point down. I’ve tried so many mascaras to try and lift my eyelashes and give them a bit of a curl – and to basically make it look like I have eyelashes instead of the baldy eye look which I hate (and yes I have tried the eyelash curlers but when I was about 16 I used one and it chopped all my eyelashes off so now I am afraid of them!😂😂).  I love the Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl and the Colossal Mascaras and I also love the Essence Mascaras (but who doesn’t love Essence, it’s so affordable!). These mascaras are great and I would definitley reccomend them if you’re looking for a mascara that will give you both volume and length. While I love these mascaras there is one that I always use and always go back to because it’s just amazing.catrice

It’s the Catrice All Round Mascara in Ultra Black. Yno, while I was putting this post together I was full sure this mascara was Waterproof – only until I picked it up and read it, I realised that it’s not🤔🤔. This surprised me because it never melts, yno the way some mascaras melt down underneath your eyes, this one never does. I always wear this in work or on nights out and it never, I mean NEVER, goes under my eyes. I actually wear it on my holidays too (when I don’t get my eyelashes done) and it’s great! Now I don’t do a lot of swimming when I’m away ie. I don’t put my head underwater, like ever, so I wouldn’t suggest wearing this going swimming if you are one to go underwater. But it withstands the heat and humidity which is good!


Left eye with no mascara, right eye wearing the Catrice mascara

The volume and lenth this mascara gives my eyelashes is just unreal (the pictures above and below speak for themselves), I actually look like I have eyelashes when I wear it. I can even go without false lashes if I want because it makes them so long and full.


I would 100% reccomend this mascara if you are looking for one that will volumise and lenghten your lashes, it is a definite must have. You can get Catrice in Penneys and selected pharmacies such as Sam McAuley Chemist and this is mascara is only €3.49. AND yes, Catrice is cruelty free😘.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Makeup Must Have Monday and, as always, thank you so much for reading😘.


El xx

Makeup Must Haves

The Liquid Lipstick your Makeup bag NEEDS 💄 💋

Does anyone else hate matte lipsticks that dry your lips out and that go all bitty on your lips? I’ve tried so many the past couple of years and after one go I get rid of them because they either don’t stay on, they literally come off in little bits or they just dry out my lips more, so I am therefore not the biggest fan of Matte lippes. I like my lips to be soft, like I would wear lip balm every day, and I always put it on at night (literally cannot go to sleep without it on…weird?) I just can’t stand when my lips are dry.

So if you are like me – I am here to change your world because I have found the best Matte Lippie that you seriously need to try✌️.

I am sure many of you have heard of Jeffree Star and you probably follow him on Instagram and Twitter like me. The Jeffree Star cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks are honestly to die for, the colours alone are amazing. When I saw that Beauty Bay were going to start stocking them I was counting down the days until they landed on the website. Now.. unfortunately for me, the two shades I wanted sold out pretty quick so I went on to the Jeffree Star main website and ordered there, the shipping wasn’t actually that expensive and when they came there were no custom fees (winning). They came in less than a week which I thought was pretty impressive considering it was coming all the way for the US.

I ordered two of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shades “Scorpio” and “Androgyny”.


Scorpio & Androgyny

I cannot even begin to explain how unreal these are😲 The formula is really light and creamy and it dries so quick (there is a weird smell from it them but I believe it is because they are free from many chemicals and are also Vegan). The spongey tip applicator is slanted so it makes
applying to your lips super easy. ANNNNDDD they stay on pretty much forever 😂😂 Nah I’m just joking, but they do stay on for a good 8 plus hours.. For example I wore one for a 12 hour shift one day and I kid you not I only topped up after my lunch because I had soup and I dribbled and naturally had to wipe the aul mouth 😂😂


Now, before you think “ah no these are going to be mad expensive” they’re actually not, they’re only €19.00 on Beauty Bay (link is in the first paragraph) and Beauty Bay offers free delivery


(Left) Androgyny (right) Scorpio)

to Ireland on orders over €21.00. If you haven’t heard of this website you really need to take a look because they have so many brands that you can’t get here in Ireland unless you order direct from the brand.

Guys, if you’re looking for a Matte Lippie that doesn’t dry out your lips and lasts for hours – you NEED to try this!

I have added some photos below of the shade “Androgyny” on.

As always, thank you so much for reading 😘

El xx







Makeup Must Haves

Must Haves for Oily Skin 🤗

Hello everyone! I’m sorry that I have been MIA for a while, I had my end of Semester exams in college and I finally finished up on Friday – THANK GOD!! I forgot how stressful exams are, and I know they shouldn’t stress you out that much because at the end of the day all you can do is your best – and what is better than your best right? Anyway, now that they’re over and done with I will be back blogging weekly 😘

So, as I mentioned in my Slay-liners post, I have really oily skin that I have battled daily since I was about 13. You know, I do realize that having oily skin is both a good and a bad thing, the main bad thing for me is that my make up slides off after a few hours, and I get a shiny head and let’s be honest – shiny heads are not really a good look. While I am aware that strobing and dewy skin is a thing, I am more of a matte person… who loves a hella lotta Highlight 😅.

I am constantly changing my skin care products to help and the one product that has changed things dramatically for me is the Simple Light Moisturizer. I have tried so many Moisturizers that are oil free and mattifying and specifically for oily skin and one day I decided to try the opposite. I used to use it years ago when I was a teenager as I have sensitive skin and at the time I was starting to get some teenage pimples (nightmare!). My friend Ashley gave me two bottles that she wasn’t using and I just said I would try them again.  I remember reading somewhere that your skin produces oil due to a lack of moisture – so I thought, these oil free and mattifying moisturizers could potentially be drying out my skin and therefore making it oilier, or just not helping things. The Simple Moisturizer is fragrance free, colour free and has no crazy chemicals either (also it’s cruelty free). So since I’ve started using this, my skin is literally glowing and I’ve found that my make up is lasting much longer now that I’ve started using it. It’s also definitely not as oily as it used to be.

Another thing I’ve started to use is facemasks – If you follow me on Instagram and you watch my Instagram stories you’re probably aware that I love facemasks and do one at least once a week. I have tried loads – and I have decided just this second that I will save this for another post this week. So – keep an eye out for a Face Mask Blog Post 💆.

Now – for this week’s Makeup Must Have Monday I have chosen three products that are my ultimate Makeup Must Haves for oily skin ☝🏽

  1. The Urban Decay Original Primer Potion. This little gem is m3605970943844_espptravel_originaly all time favorite eyeshadow primer. I always apply this to my eyelids and I apply a small bit under my lower lash line before I apply my eyeshadow. It’s really easy to use I just put a small bit on my lid and rub it in with my finger or a kabuki style concealer brush. It makes blending my eyeshadow easier and also really helps to bring out the eyeshadow’s pigment. It dries really quick and invisible. Before I used this all my eyeshadow would  gather in my crease and ruin my hour of blending and perfecting my eyes – which as we all know, is so fucking annoying!! So now when I use it my eyeshadow lasts an 8 hour shift in work – or a night out dancing in a hotbox nightclub😄. Urban Decay is a cruelty free brand and you can get in Debenhams for €21.00. One little bottle lasts me ages because you only need to use a small bit on your eyes per application.csm_776883_9bd145ecee
  2. The Catrice Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti Shine Base (that’s a
    really long name isn’t it or is it just me 🤣). After I apply my moisturizer I apply this primer all over my face, bar my eyes. It doesn’t dry matte or anything it just absorbs into your skin really quick and leaves your skin feeling and looking silky smooth. I really like this product because my foundation DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT move. I wear it under my foundation or my bb cream, whatever I’m in the mood of wearing, and my face stays shine free for at least 8 hours. You can get it in Penneys and some Bradley’s Pharmacy and I thinnnnk its about €5.00? (and just to add – this is also cruelty free).
  3. The Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray is by far one of file_000-2the best setting sprays I have ever used. I picked mine up in Sephora when I was in New York and was so impressed with it I have used it ever since. I just spray it on my entire face when I am finished all my make up and VOILA. It sets your make up and
    leaves a nice matte finish. I’ve worn it on a 12 hour shift in work, all day and night at a wedding and my make up didn’t melt or go shiny – nada. 100% a must have for your make up bag people! You can get it in Debenhams, the travel size which is the one I have is €40.00.


I hope that you all enjoyed this week’s Makeup Must Have Monday. I will have a few more blog posts this week so if you enjoyed this, keep your eyes peeled 😘.

P.s. In case you’re wondering why I am saying the products are cruetly free is because I have recently decided that I am now only going to use Cruelty Free products. I am still doing loads and loads of research so if anyone has any cruelty free brand recommendations that you think I might not know about, I would love to hear about them!

As always – thanks for reading 😘.


El xx