Welcome to my page!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog “El Óg”.

So, where do I even begin? Funny that I am here now and I am not sure what to say! I have always wanted to start my own blog but I never had the courage or confidence to do so. Until one day after years of deliberating I just decided, what have I got to lose? ….nothing!

So to start, I just want to thank all of my amazing friends for helping me to find the confidence to do this and for always telling me “Liz you should start a blog” (you all know who you are). I may not have listened back then when you told me but I listened eventually right?

Secondly, I’d like to thank my sister Christina for always supporting me and for helping me put this little bit of magic together. As part of my blog I am hoping to have her do a little feature from time to time (she just don’t know that yet!!)

Here’s a little photo of us being super Glam – isn’t she just so beautiful! (proud Big Sister).


Thirdly, thank you to my best friend, my Mam, who has always believed in me from day one and who has taught me that no dream or idea or goal is ever too big. If you want it go and get it! Life is too short to sit and wonder “what if”. She always told me “you never know if you don’t try”, this is something I live by every single day.

Here’s a little photo of me and my Mam – the only photo I have that I think we look alike!


Finally, the biggest thank you to my other half Sean. I often wonder if he thinks I’m Superwoman or some sort of mutant because any idea I have ever pitched to him his reply is always “you’re well able”.  (You will soon get to see my impulsive side, I am always thinking of new things to do and try!) He is my own personal cheerleader who showed me and helped me to really believe in myself and my abilities.



Ok now that the formalities are out of the way I suppose I will explain what I will be featuring and what I hope to achieve with my blog.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am make up mad – some even go so far as to tell me that I have a problem. But come on, we all  know you can never have too much make up!?  I will be posting some make up tutorials, make up tips and pretty much anything I can think of that is make up related. But before anyone asks, no I am not trained, I am self taught. So, any tips or opinions on products I give are all my own that I find work well for me. The plan is to record some tutorials too so hopefully this will be up and running soon.

I am also travel mad and am determined to see as much of this world as I possibly can while I am young. So I will be posting up any trips I have planned and I will either update as I go or update after (it will all depend on wifi haha).

I am really into healthy food and getting fit and I have recently just joined back with my local gym. While I am not a health food or fitness guru I do eat and enjoy good food and I love to exercise. I am a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be a chore and you don’t have to know everything about fitness or nutrition to keep yourself healthy and in good shape. I hope to encourage young girls like my sisters and myself to just love the skin that you’re in.

And finally, I am a busy girl myself as I work full time, I go to college part time and on top of that I try to keep a healthy social life and keep myself healthy and fit. So I will basically write about juggling a busy lifestyle and ultimately looking after number one, YOU.

Apologies for the essay, I did do some reasearch before I started and read that your blog posts should be short and not too long… I realise my introduction post was not so short but I did try my best! Soooooo, I hope I didn’t bore you all to a point where you’re googling “short blogs”.

Please stay tuned and do watch this space!

Thank you for reading x

El xx