I’m baaaaack 😇

Hello .. it’s meeeee…

So I’ll keep this short and sweet. I decided to give myself a little break from social media, I was so busy with work and college that I just decided enough was enough and I temporarily deleted my FB and Insta profile. Thus I also put my little blog on hold. I have to admit, I really enjoyed being away from it all. As I had mentioned I was going to London for my Birthday and I went and came back without going near my Instagram. I Take-time-to-be-happywent back on FB which I will also admit I went back on cause it was my birthday and I like that my friends and family go out of their way to post me a little bday wish. I know that may sound silly but I have friends and family from all over the world whom I keep in touch with on FB and it’s always nice to hear from them…so don’t judge me ok!?🤣 But, it was nice to be away on a little trip, take a few pictures and not thinking about what captions and tags to use. It truly is amazing how much social media can take up your time and thought. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the land of social media we forget to lift our heads up from our phones and look around us or even look out the window, yno? So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or just feeling like you need some head space, delete them and just have some me time. Trust me, it’s great 🤗

ANYWAY, I went back on them after I’d had my little moment and once I’d had enough time to rest my brain, so now we are back in action!

I have so much planned for my blog and I have so many things coming up that I cannot wait to share on my page.

Thank you as always for reading, and please do stay tuned😘

El xx

Makeup Must Haves

Penney’s Makeup Must Haves – Part 1

I am sure most of you guys have noticed that Penney’s has completely upped there game in the last year or so, and I’m not just talking clothes wise. They have completely changed their make up game with all sorts of new products and it just keeps getting better! Every time I go into Penneys for a ramble I find something else new in the beauty department – as if I need more temptation, mind you, I was there yesterday and I avoided the beauty department, I was too busy picking out bikinis (not that I needed more cause I currently have almost 30 bikinis, another little addiction I may have 😅😅!)

So this week I decided to put together a list of must haves that I have tried, tested and loooooove. It’s actually quite a long list of items so I will do half this week and half next Monday🙃.img_9277

P.S. Mini Beauty Blenders – Aside from the fact that these little blenders are so feckin’ cute I find that they’re perfect for applying concealer, powder and highlight. The sponge is really really soft and the two different shapes are great for using on different parts of your face and for different products. I use the little green one for my concealer under my eyes, nose and forehead. I use the little pink one for applying strobe cream, I like to apply this in small amounts and build up my highlight rather than whack it on. I then use the little orange one for applying translucent powder, this is the same size as the green one but I didn’t want to use powder and liquid on the same sponge. I also img_9281prefer using the small beauty blenders when applying the translucent powder because I think you can get more definition with them. Especially when you’re baking and carving out your cheek contour😏. The best part about these little mini blenders – they’re only €2.00👍.




P.S. Fan Brush – This fan brush is perfect for applying highlight, it’s really soft and fluffy making applying your highlight easy. You just brush it lightly across the top of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, cupids bow (above your top lip) and the top of your chin. With the brush being so fluffy you are able get a nice generous amount of product on to your skin without having to keep dipping back into the product. The brush has no fall out or anything and washes just fine too. I think it was €3.50, but either way I don’t think you can argue with that!




P.S. Strobe Creams – If you follow me on Instaimg_8513-1gram you probably already know that I am
actually obsessed with these. I picked them up a few weeks ago and I literally have been using them ever day. I still cannot get over just how pigmented and creamy these are😳. I normally stay away from any sort of creamy highlight because of my oily skin but these are actually amazing. I apply to the same areas that I would apply my highlight. If I am going out I like to add a powder highlight on top just to give it that extra pop, but during the week I just wear this on it’s own and it’s just enough to give you that lovely glow. The best thing about them is that they dry nice and quick and the formula doesn’t like stick together, it spreads really well and glides over your skin. I have tried some before that were so img_8515hard to spread and apply, they actually smudged my foundation and mixed into it rather than sit on top. But these strobes don’t do that they are actually a dream to use. They’re only €4.00 and are so so so worth it! I promise that you’ll love them😗.



I hope you liked this weeks Makeup must haves – keep an eye out next week for part 2 of my Penneys Must Haves.


And, as always – thank you for reading 😘.

El xx

New York

New York, New York 🌇🗽

Last year I finally got to travel to a city I have always dreamed about visiting – New York City. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was – I honestly felt like I was in a movie for the entire trip it was just so surreal.

So, I decided to do a blog post on my trip with some personal tips and recommendations for you. First thing is first, if you are planning to go make sure you shop around first. Normally when I book holidays I don’t book packages, mainly because I think some packages are just crazy money and I know that you can get flights and accommodation no bother AND most of the time when I book it myself it always works out cheaper. This was the case for New York as well – we booked our flights through Aer Lingus and trawled Tripadvisor for at least two weeks before deciding on which hotel to stay in. We got loads of recommendations for places to stay – I love personal recommendations because you are almost always guaranteed an honest review. We decided on the Hotel Edison and all together it cost us €750 each for 5 days.

I booked airport transfers with JR Luxury NYC – I joined a New York Facebook Page which I would 100% recommend because the group is full of tips and help and advice (you do have to request to join but it’s normally accepted in a few minutes). I saw that JR Luxury were recommended numerous times on the Facebook group so we decided to book with them. You can contact them to get a quote they are so helpful, and when we did confirm our booking they emailed us a whole list of places to eat and things to do. We flew into JFK which isn’t far from the city so if you do want to get a taxi I think they are around €50.

Another thing I would suggest is don’t get sucked into the New York Pass or City Pass. Before you buy one you really have to consider how long you are there for, what you want to see and at what pace you want to see it. Like, think about it.. 80 attractions and you’re there for 3/4 days?  And some of the attractions that are advertised are free, such as Central Park , Times Square, and then the museum admission is ‘pay what you wish’ so you can pay their suggested admission of $22 or you can basically pay what you want (I personally paid the suggested admission because I read up on what the museum does in terms of research and they offer free trips for schools which I loved). In a nutshell, plan what you want to see and weigh out the costs and see which is better value for what you want to do.

We all know that New York means one thing – SHOPPING. When I was planning to go I had heard all about the outlets and of course I wanted to go. But while I was researching and reading about the shops in the outlets and also reading if they are worth the visit I found loads of posts especially on TripAdvisor saying that they aren’t worth a visit and the shopping is better in the city BLAH BLAH BLAHHHH. Do me a favour, if you read things like this or hear things like this DON’T LISTEN. If you want to go to the outlets – GO. You can decide yourself when you get there if it was worth it. Don’t let others put you off, make your own mind up and then see how it goes. For me personally I LOVED the outlets. We went to two Outlets, Woodbury Common and Jersey Gardens. Sean loved Woodbury Common and I loved Jersey Gardens. In short, Woodbury Common is about an hours drive away and it is not a centre all the shops are outside. So if you are going in the winter time wrap up because it can be quite chilly. Jersey Gardens is only a 20-25 minute drive from the city, the shops are tax free and the main reason why I loved it – there was a Victoria Secret Outlet there 😍 and just to give you an idea of the prices I got 3 bikinis for $60….. let that sink in. If you are going to go to either outlets I would recommend the following –

  • Go early, the earlier you go the more time you have to shop and to take your time going from shop to shop.
  • Bring a small suit case to Woodbury, we didn’t but I saw so many people who did and we were sorry we didn’t because we had so many bags to drag around!
  • Get a trolly in Jersey Gardens, they’re so handy to wheel around and throw your bags into. I think they’re $4 dollars for the day.
  • Pick up your discount booklets from customer services in both outlets – you just need to show your passport. Give the booklet a read because there are some really good deals in them.

To give you an idea of the bargains you can pick up here. When we visited, Converse had img_2990buy 1 pair get a 2nd pair for half price. Vans were 50% off everything. Calvin Klein had 70% off women’s underwear. I picked up three pairs of Nike Runners for something like $60 dollars. Sean got so many tshirts in Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, All Saints all for nearly half price. I also picked up two Guess Bags for me and my mam and they were less than $100 for the two. So in short – the outlets were 100% worth a visit.

We stayed in Hotel Edison which is literally right on Times Square. I would recommend this hotel only for it’s location and the rooms were really comfy and clean – as for the staff, I have decided not to comment but just don’t expect a warm welcome or helpful attitude.

The afternoon we arrived we dropped our bags and went straight out. Mind you I was in no form after the plane journey I was so so travel sick but I was glad we went out in the end. We walked up to the Empire State Building and we just paid upon entry, we paid $34 dollars for the main deck as the top deck was actually closed at the time for reconstruction (see Website for info & Pricing here). The views from the top were just outstanding, I will never forget it!

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Day 2 – We were up at the crack of dawn and walked to Times Square for some photos, it was empty because it was so early. A picture on the red steps is of course a must!

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img_2659We then went to Top of the Rock, we had already decided that we wanted to get the Sun and Stars Package which is ticket entry for day and night. I’ve just looked this up online here, and it gave me a price of $98 for two people -We only paid $47 each when we went and again we just paid upon entry and it wasn’t too busy. But it was 100% worth it, the views from up here are just incredible, this was definitely my favourite. You can see the whole of central park from here! There’s loads of seating inside up at the top level  with massive windows so if you are freezing your arse off you can hide inside and look out the window! We went back later that evening for the night time views and I think my photos speak for themselves – breathtaking!

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We roamed around the Rockerfeller centre, and went to St.Patrick’s Cathedral, I am not religious but this was a gorgeous Cathedral. We then walked to the New York Library stopping off in Battery Park for some coffee and then we walked to Grand Central Station. It was so surreal being here because it’s in so many movies that I watched, I literally just stood at the top of the stairs looking around for a good 15 minutes taking it all in.

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Day 3 – We walked from our hotel up to Central Park stopping in to a little cafe for some brekkie called The Roast Kitchen – I loved this place, they made our omelettes right in front of us and they had fresh juice and smoothies too (amazing staff too!). It was a really really cold morning so the grass was still frosty and the lake was part frozen too. We stopped in at the Boathouse for coffees and strolled around some more. Central Park is 100% a must and I would recommend walking it because it’s just so nice, hard to believe this little gem is literally in the middle of a concrete jungle. Such a stunning park, and if you are an animal lover like me there’s loads of squirrels and little birdies to be seen too! We then headed towards the Museum of Natural History. This was really busy here but we got a good two hours in. When we were finished we went outside and got two hot dogs from the hot dog stands – definitely recommend trying these!!

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After the Museum we got a taxi to Downtown Manahattan and got off near Wall Street. We walked from here to the Twin Tower Memorial. It really is an amazing an honorable memorial that they have put in place here, I only took a few photos as I personally felt it was inappropriate to take photos where so many people lost their lives. We walked from here down to the port to get the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. The ferry is free, runs  and it literally takes 15 minutes to reach Staten Island, loads of time to get some photos and some great views of the city from the ferry too. The ferry leaves every 30 minutes, see schedule here. After the ferry we walked up toward Little Italy and had dinner in Lombardis, the oldest pizza place in New York! Super super busy we were lucky they took us as a walk in, but the pizza was delish!

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Days 4 – We went to Woodbury Common and shopped our socks off

Day 5 – We went to Jersey Gardens and shopped our socks off again!

As I said above, I loved both outlets and when I go back to New York I will go back to both of them again because – to be honest, I just love shopping! Though I am not sure if I will be able to persuade Sean to go to both of them again, he might murder me!!

What I learned and what I would reccomend when going to New York –

  1. If you are going in the Winter Time – WRAP UP AND WEAR LAYERS. I have genuinely never felt cold like it, I was literally frozen right down to my bone marrow!
  2. Bring comfy shoes – trust me on this one, no heeled boot is worth the agony! Granted we walked everywhere but that was the whole fun of it, to take in and experience the city in it’s entirety. But bring runners or something flat, you’ll need them.
  3. Don’t over tip – 15% is loads and it’s not mandatory so don’t feel like you have to.
  4. If you are exchanging your cash try get smaller bills – perfect for tipping.
  5. If you’re lost, stop and ask someone, New Yorkers are so friendly and helpful, the few that we stopped were only delighted to give us directions and some info!
  6. Print a map and familiarize yourself with the layout – once you get there you’ll get the hang of the directs of the streets and the avenues.
  7. Make a plan and an itinerary of where you want to go and what you want to do – the more prepared you are the better!
  8. Try a hot dog at the hot dog stands, they’re yummy.
  9. Go further downtown for your souvenirs because the shops up near Times Square are a total rip off.

Guys, I really hope you liked this post about New York. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below I am happy to answer any that you may have. If you enjoyed it and want to read more of my posts you can subscribe above with your email and receive updates when there are new posts up.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

El xx

Makeup Must Haves

Makeup Revolution Ultra Shade & Light Palette


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Makeup Revolution brand is incredible! I posted about their highlighters a few weeks ago – you can read it here – and raved about the brand. For this weeks Makeup Must Have Monday I decided to pick the Ultra Shade and Light Palette by Makeup Revolution. I know you are wondering, why did she pick this palette out of the 100 palettes she has. To be honest with you I don’t have an all time favourite eyeshadow palette because I just can’t pick one. I have so so many and I love each of them for different reasons so it is too hard to pick! (I am making them sound like people when I say it like this amn’t I? 🤣🤣).

But there are a few reasons why I picked this palette as a Makeup Must Have –

  1. It’s really affordable and doesn’t hurt your purse at only €11.00
  2. If you are new to make up and learning to do your eye makeup this palette is perfect because of the shade range and simplicity
  3. There are so many looks you can create with it
  4. It’s a dupe for the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette
  5. The eyeshadows are so easy to blend and they’re extremely pigmented


I picked it up in Superdrug last year and just loved it from the minute I used it. I would use this palette if I want to do a nice warm smokey eye or if I just want to go for a simple matte neutral eye look. As I said above the eyeshadows are really pigmented so you don’t need to apply loads of product to achieve the colour you want. They are also really easy to blend so you don’t have to blend until your wrist starts to hurt. The brush that comes with it took me by surprise, it’s double ended with a rounded flat brush on one end and a small blending brush on the other. You could easily do your eyes with just this little brush – I did and I was impressed because I normally use about 6 different brushes when I do my img_7595eyes 🤣🤣.

Here is a warm smokey eye look I did using this palette – the glitter on top is from Collection 2000 which I did feature on Makeup Must Have Monday before – see here.

So if you are looking for a simple eyeshadow palette or a matte eyeshadow palette to create a number of different looks and that won’t hurt your purse- this is the one for you🤗.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this weeks Makeup Must Have Monday, if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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El xx


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I got the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks this week. I have been dying to try these out ever since she released them and I am still wondering why I never picked up any when I was in New York – STILL kicking myself 😭!!!

Anyway, I bought them online IMG_9005.JPGon Debenhams and they were only €21.00 each with free shipping. I picked up two – Lolita and Bow ‘N’ Arrow. I have read so many good reviews on them and I have to tell you that they have definitely lived up to my expectations – they are amazing😍😍! I only unboxed them Monday just gone and I wore the shade ‘Lolita’ to work that afternoon and I am not joking that shit stayed on alllllllll day! I then wore the other shade Bow ‘N’ Arrow last night in work and I literally only had to top it up once. The formula is  in no doubt incredible and it didn’t dry out my lips at all. It feels really light on your lips as well and when you top it doesn’t go cakey like some of the other liquid lipsticks that I have tried.

I am so impressed by them I just couldn’t wait to post about them on my blog – so pardon the excitement🙃. kat-von-d

Kat Von D recently released a whole heap of new Nudey shades and after trying these
babies out I cannot wait to invest in some more – if not all of them! Did I mention that her beauty range is Cruelty Free? Another reason to try it 😙 But with products like hers do you really need any other reason?🤔

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this mini review – and as always, thank you for reading.

El xx


My Favourite Lip Balms for Dry Lips

I don’t about you but I am a lip balm addict, like I literally have a lip balm everywhere. I have one in my car, my college bag, my hand bag, my make up (I’m pretty sure there’s 3 in it), my overnight bag, my bedside locker, my car, my jackets.. and yes, the list goes on😂!! I wear it all day every day and I put it on every night, I just cannot go without it. Sean will tell you himself, if I don’t have my lip balm at night I’m like a demon because I can’t go to sleep without it. I know you’re probably thinking I’m a little weirdo and I should probably go and get checked 😂😂, but that’s just me!

I was going to put them in order but I actually can’t choose between the three of them 🤔 so in no particular order, these are my all time favorite lip balms.

Blistex MedPlus

I use this lip balm if my lips are particularly dry or sore (I’m a wagon for pulling at the skinblistex on my lips and I always make them sore!). It contains Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter for conditioning and Menthol to soothe and cool your lips. I personally love any menthol lip balms. It also contains SPF 15 so it’s perfect for when you are away as it will protect your lips from the sun. If you get cold sores this lip balm is a savior for relieving your lips of itch and also stopping them from cracking and drying up. You can get it in many pharmacies, I get mine in Boots and it’s only €3.79.


My Mam introduced me to this little jar of wonder and it is definitely one I will use forever.carmex I like to put this one on at night as it contains salicylic acid and this helps to get rid of any dead or peeling skin. I also wear it in work because the air conditioning in work can really dry out my lips, and you don’t need to keep applying it either. I also wear it under any matte liquid lipsticks as I find my lips don’t dry out with it on. It contains Cocoa Butter to moisturize and has menthol for that soothing effect too. If you aren’t a fan of the menthol smell they do have a cherry flavour one which is yummy. Again you can get this in most pharmacies but the best place to get it is Penneys, I think it’s around €3.49.


The Chapstick has been around for decades, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it’s been around since the early 1900’s 🤓. I always remember my Godmother Betty using Chapstick, the original one with the black label. I used to love using it when I was small, the smell of the original one brings back so many memories! I am genuinely using these lip balms since I was in Primary School, I always kept one in my shirt chapstickpocket and my pencil-case, I still keep a strawberry one in my pencil case!! This would be my day-to-day one when my lips aren’t sore or dry or anything. Some of them contain SPF which again is great for using when you are away. I normally pick up the Flava Craze ones because they contain SPF, and these are the ones I am buying since I was in school. The flavours are just so nice 😍. And again you can get these in most pharmacies, I always find the Flava Craze in Superdrug. I think the single Chapsticks are around €1.49 and the pack is just under €4.00.
So these are my all time favourite lip balms, and now I feel it necessary to throw in some honorable mentions. You all probably know what the EOS lip balms are, they are very popular lately. I picked some up in New York last year and I gave them a try, I have to be honest and say they’re not up there in my all time favourite or best lip balms. Don’t get me wrong they’re great for softening lips etc. but I just feel like they don’t stay on your lips for very long. The only one that I used that I felt lasted loccitanelong enough was the little blue menthol one. Then there’s the L’Occitane Ultra Soft Balm, now this stuff is pretty amazing, my lips are so so so soft when I use this for a while. BUT the only thing is the texture is a bit harder and it can sometimes go on my lips white instead of clear. So if I am using it I tend to use it at night time. But this is just my own opinion on these two products, don’t take my word for it and don’t be put off trying them, some products aren’t for everyone!

Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s post and as always, thank you for reading 😍

El xx

Makeup Must Haves

False lash effect Mascara


While I have been blessed with tanned skin and thick hair I was not blessed with curly eyelashes. Granted my eyelashes are very long, but they don’t curl up they’re just straight, like they literally just point down. I’ve tried so many mascaras to try and lift my eyelashes and give them a bit of a curl – and to basically make it look like I have eyelashes instead of the baldy eye look which I hate (and yes I have tried the eyelash curlers but when I was about 16 I used one and it chopped all my eyelashes off so now I am afraid of them!😂😂).  I love the Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl and the Colossal Mascaras and I also love the Essence Mascaras (but who doesn’t love Essence, it’s so affordable!). These mascaras are great and I would definitley reccomend them if you’re looking for a mascara that will give you both volume and length. While I love these mascaras there is one that I always use and always go back to because it’s just amazing.catrice

It’s the Catrice All Round Mascara in Ultra Black. Yno, while I was putting this post together I was full sure this mascara was Waterproof – only until I picked it up and read it, I realised that it’s not🤔🤔. This surprised me because it never melts, yno the way some mascaras melt down underneath your eyes, this one never does. I always wear this in work or on nights out and it never, I mean NEVER, goes under my eyes. I actually wear it on my holidays too (when I don’t get my eyelashes done) and it’s great! Now I don’t do a lot of swimming when I’m away ie. I don’t put my head underwater, like ever, so I wouldn’t suggest wearing this going swimming if you are one to go underwater. But it withstands the heat and humidity which is good!


Left eye with no mascara, right eye wearing the Catrice mascara

The volume and lenth this mascara gives my eyelashes is just unreal (the pictures above and below speak for themselves), I actually look like I have eyelashes when I wear it. I can even go without false lashes if I want because it makes them so long and full.


I would 100% reccomend this mascara if you are looking for one that will volumise and lenghten your lashes, it is a definite must have. You can get Catrice in Penneys and selected pharmacies such as Sam McAuley Chemist and this is mascara is only €3.49. AND yes, Catrice is cruelty free😘.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Makeup Must Have Monday and, as always, thank you so much for reading😘.


El xx