Next Stop – Boston ✈️

My next adventure of 2017 is my upcoming holiday to Boston. My sister Sophia is there at the moment working (she left me almost a year ago and yes I am still devastated😭) so I’m going to go and see her in August – 22 days left to be exact. I’m going for 10 days – 9 nights and I am soooooo super excited 😍😍😍. I’ve never been to Boston before so I’m really  looking forward to exploring a new city.


I booked my flights with Norwegian Airlines for only €200 return!!! They had a massive sale on and with prices like that I just couldn’t say no! HOWEVER, the reason the flights were so cheap is 1. the fare doesn’t include checked baggage and 2. it also doesn’t include inflight meals. But I don’t mind because it’s only €70 to add on a checked bag (return) and I would prefer to bring my own little snacks and stuff to keep my going on the flight. While I was hunting for accommodation I soon discovered that the price for hotels in Boston is, to put it simply, extortionate! I mean, the prices were starting at €1,800 for 9 nights and going up as far as €5,000…. that’s just crazy!! Even the Air Bnb wasn’t coming in much cheaper. I found a hostel which had decent enough ratings, this was around €950, but the rooms were literally like prison cells. I decided to give Air Bnb one last trawl and I came across a gorgeous little apartment in central Boston for less than €1,200. An absolute steal if you ask me!

So aside from going shopping and eating everything in site my list of things to do includes –

  • Sam Adam’s Brewery
  • Quincy Market
  • Boston Tea Party Site
  • The Freedom Trail
  • Museum of Science
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Skywalk Observatory
  • Harvard University

and the list will go on because I’m still finding more things to see and do😂.

I will do some blog posts on my travel essentials and tips for you so do stay tuned. If you liked this post please do give it a little like or comment😗.

Thank you for reading 😗.

El xxx






London Baby 😍

So, in exactly 48 Days I will be flying to London for my Birthday. AND on the day of my birthday I will be going to The Warner Bros Studios, or as I like to call it, Harry Potter Land.Sets_great_hall.jpg

Am I so excited I could burst? Yes

Have I started planning an itinerary? Naturally

Will I dress like a wizard when I go to Harry Potter Land? … do we really need to ask 🤓

Anyway, himself booked this as a surprise for me for my birthday, and yes I am still surprised he booked it without my knowledge and without my help😅 But London is a city discoverlondonthat I have always wanted to visit, and no it’s not just because Harry Potter Land is there! The city is just so full of character and yeeaaarrrsss of history I can’t wait to see it all and take it all in.

We’re staying in The St.Giles Hotel and from reading the reviews on Tripadvisor the location is spot on and it seems to be a nice hotel with everything you could need for a city break. It’s right beside the tube station and only a short walk to the main shopping street, Oxford Street. We’re flying into Gatwick and the plan is to get the train to Victoria Station and then a taxi to the hotel. Their version of the Leapcard for public transport is the Oyster Card, and I saw on the website that you can order your visitors card in advance and get it delivered to you, so we will be doing that prior to travelling. Such a good idea though, right?

I’m looking up things to do and places to see daily and my list just keeps getting longer. The exchange rate at the moment is really good, it’s almost pound for pound at this stage, €1 = £0.86. So hopefully shopping will be amazing 🙃

I will keep you guy posted on the plans, and I will post about my travel must haves also.

After the trip I will put a post together about the whole thing along with some tips etc. so stay tuned!😇

As always, thank you for reading😗.

El xx