My secret to shiny, healthy hair 💁🏽

Hello again, and happy Hump Day! 👋🏽

So recently a lot of people have been asking me what I use on my hair, how is it so shiny and is it real. First of all, yes, it’s 100% home-grown by moi which I have been growing since I was 18. Basically when I was 18 I modeled for House of Colour back then and believe it or not I had really really short hair, and I don’t mean bob short, it was shaved short. I liked to call it the Rihanna hairstyle even though it was so far from that it’s not even true! I also had every colour possible in my hair from bright orange to blonde to purple to blue.  So ever since then I have been growing my hair.

Anyway – long story short, I have been growing it ever since then and I did that just by getting it cut regularly. It was stuck at boobie length there for a while though because I had a blonde balayage in my hair and the blonde parts got really dry and just kept breaking. So I got rid of the blonde and went back to my natural colour. It started to grow much better and now it’s sitting right on top of my bum – just like when I was a kid 😂😂

I don’t do anything special with my hair I literally wash it 2-3 times a week – I really do not believe in washing it every day. Aside from the fact that it’s so much effort, washing it too frequently can really dry your hair out and strip it of it’s natural oils. I also don’t style it every day with a straightener or curler, my hair is naturally straight so I only do it if I’m going out, or if I’m a bit of a frizz ball, yno yourself!

Now in terms of products I never really had an all time favourite shampoo or conditioner. My go to would normally be Dove, I love their conditioners they always leave my hair so so soft. Then my dad used to bring us home Creamsilk from the Philippines, and that stuff is like magic on your hair, especially if you’ve thick hair.

BUT!!! This has all changed now because I found a product that has literally transformed my hair. It has not only made my hair so soft and shiny it has made it so much stronger too. It also doesn’t cost you a bomb at only €1.69 per bottle!!😱 😱 😱

What is this sorcery you say?? Wellllll… it’s the new range of Cien Professional products in none other than Lidl! I say new because it’s new enough to me but it was only launched early this year.



The products contain Keratin – which is the natural IMG_20170718_131901.jpgprotein that makes up most of our hair. Keratin helps to protect from dryness and moisturize and repair damaged hair. I picked these up in February and have been using them ever since – my hair just feels so amazing when I use them. I shampoo twice (have been doing this for years now) and I apply only a marble size amount of conditioner through the ends of my hair.

Soooo if you are looking for a new hair product or are looking for something to help dry or damaged hair, I promise that this stuff is worth a try!

Thank you for reading – and feel free to comment with any questions.

le grá,

El xx