Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to the Gym I go

After much deliberating and excuse making I FINALLY dragged my brown little butt backIMG_20170726_142158_489.jpg to the gym. I have been a member of Energie Fitness since August last year and guess how many times I’ve gone… not a whole lot🙄🙄. See when I joined last year I set myself a little goal, and that is that I would go to the gym when I can. I promised myself I wouldn’t kill myself trying to go because that would be when I would start to hate going. I have joined gyms and bootcamps before and when I got fed up I cancelled and then when I got all motivated again I was kicking myself for leaving. So this time I told myself to be a member for as long as I want, and go when I want to. No pressure no stress, just exercise when I’m up for it basically🤗🤗.

So I started back on Monday and let me tell you I literally dragged myself out of the bed and out of the house.. and drove as slow as possible to the gym 🙄🙄. BUT I left the gym feeling really good and proud of myself for going and putting the effort it. I’m trying to improve my fitness so I’m working on my cardio at the moment – mainly because I cannot run for the life of me. While I also want to trim down (as I’m feeling a bit fluffy) and I would like to tone up – I ultimately just want to feel better. I’m so sick of feeling so tired, sluggish and just plain crappy. I’m also tired of looking at myself in the mirror and wishing I looked a different way. I don’t think that I am by any means fat or flabby or ugly or any of them things – but I’d just like to look in the mirror and think “wow, I look good, I look healthy”. At the moment I’m a healthy size 12 and that’s the size I plan to stay at.

I think sometimes it can be very hard to love the skin that your in nowadays. All you have to do is scroll through my Instagram to know what I mean. It’s just full of skinny toned models with perfect skin hair teeth lips bums boobs…everything! And I know that strongsometimes it’s just the way the photo is or the lighting is or the way they’re posed. But I think you automatically just cannot help but say – jaysus look at her, wouldn’t you love to look like her. What we should be doing rather than comparing ourselves to them is use them as an inspiration for your own aspirations and goals. At the end of the day you are you and there is only one YOU. No two people are the same – so instead of trying to look like someone else why not work at being the best version of YOU?

So this is what my aim is – to be the best version of ME. I think I owe it to myself to put a little bit of effort in to feel better about myself. Currently I’m focusing on eating clean, drinking more water and not depriving myself while I do it – because honestly, I couldn’t live without garlic mayo.

I will keep you guys up to date on my little journey so do stay tuned – I might even post a before and after pic🙄😘.

As always, thanks so much for reading😘.

Le grá,

El xx



Say Bye Bye to Sweaty Betty 👋

Some of you may find this post a little bit gross, but to be honest with you – I don’t really give a rats because I really believe these are things we should be able to discuss and shouldn’t feel ashamed of or shy away from👍.

What is it that I am talking about? I am talking about sweat patches due to excessive perspiration or sweating. Does anyone else suffer with this? As soon as I hit my teens this started as a massive problem for me. It really took its toll on my confidence, I wasn’t comfortable in myself and was always feeling so self conscious. It was so bad that I couldn’t wear any coloured t-shirts or hoodies, I couldn’t even wear vest tops where the arm hole was close to my arm pit. It was horrible! I tried so many different deodorants from roll ons to sticks to sprays, everything. In the end I learned to adjust and just wore things that were not too tight and not too close to my arms. But this was just getting harder because there were always clothes I’d see that I wished I could wear but knew I couldn’t because I would get bad sweat patches. I got on with it for years because I literally just couldn’t find anything to solve it, I was so sure I had tried everything.

Just after I turned 21 I came back from Australia after being away for almost a year and I got a job in The Red Cow in the bar. My worst nightmare literally came to life, part of the uniform was a royal blue shirt. A ROYAL FUCKING BLUE SHIRT!!!😖😖 When I saw it I honestly wanted to tell them I wouldn’t take the job, but I couldn’t because I needed work. So on my first day I spent it checking my underarms every hour. I swear they must have thought there was something wrong with me going to the toilet every hour🤣🤣. I was working full time so you can imagine what I was like. I tried everything, I wore a top underneath to try keep the shirt dry, that didn’t work because I actually just sweat more. I tried drying them every hour in the toilet and that didn’t work, for obvious reasons. THEN I tried tucking tissue into my bra, like near my underarms, in the hopes that this would absorb the sweat but that didn’t work either, of course 😅. Every day I moaned about it to my Mam, I just felt so horrible and I was so paranoid in work that people were looking at me and thinking “jaysus she’s a sweaty one”. It was starting to get the better of me at this stage because I was just fed up and had had enough, I wanted a solution at that was the end of it.

One day my Mam came home and told me about this stuff that her friend had recommended to her. A roll on deodorant that you put on at night and it stops the excessive sweating. When I first heard I was thinking such a thing didn’t exist because I was full sure I had tried every product out there. But she gave me the name and we went around to the pharmacy and picked it up. I tried it that night and followed the instructions as they were given.

Guys, I am not joking when I say that this stuff literally changed my life😲. I was using it for at least two weeks before I started to see the benefits. The sweating had stopped and I therefore stopped getting the sweat patches. I was so so happy I couldn’t believe it. I could go to work in my lovely royal blue shirt without a worry in the world. I went shopping thereafter and picked up a grey hoody which I could never wear and then I went and got colourdy t-shirts. But best of all, I picked up a dress with sleeves and I wore it out one weekend without event thinking twice about putting it on.perspirex

I assume you’re wondering what this stuff is that I am talking about? Well, it’s called Perspirex, also known as my secret weapon and my lifesaver. So how do you use it? These
are the instructions directly from the website –

1. Apply to dry and unbroken skin
It is very important that your skin is completely dry and unbroken before application.

2. Apply at night
Apply Perspirex at night before going to bed as the sweat glands are less active at night. When you start, use Perspirex every night, until you have achieved the desired effect – usually within 1 week. Allow Perspirex to dry fully after application.

3. Wash off in the morning
Wash off in the morning with soap and water. Do not re-apply as the effect will last even after a shower. Should you wish to, you can also apply a regular scented deodorant or perfume. This will not affect the efficacy.

So I used it every night every second day, I would put it on on a Sunday Night and then again on Tuesday night and again on Friday night. Now it’s really important that you don’t apply it to broken, irritated or freshly shaved skin because it really does fucking hurt 😕 (I only know because I put it on after shaving and sweet lord above in heaven my poor arms were TEEEAAAAAARING!). So they recommend to apply 48 hours after shaving. To give you an idea, if I shaved on Friday I would apply it on Sunday👍. I applied it every two days for about or week or so and then I gradually started to spread it to twice a week and then to once a week. Now I only use it every two weeks because it has worked so well for me.

You can get it in Boots and some pharmacies such as Bradley’s or Lloyd’s, I have also picked it up in Dunnes Stores before. It’s only €11.99 and lasts ages, you just can’t go wrong. Here is the website if you would like to read about the product in more detail and find out all the sciency stuff 🤓 – Perspirex .

Guys if there is anyone out there who is suffering from this and feeling really crappy, this product is something I would 100% recommend you try.

I really hope this post helps at least one person or even gives them hope that there is something out there that you can use to help the problem💕. Trust me when I say I’ve been there and worn the tshirt🤣🤣.

As always, thank you for reading 😘.

El xx