Next Stop – Boston ✈️

My next adventure of 2017 is my upcoming holiday to Boston. My sister Sophia is there at the moment working (she left me almost a year ago and yes I am still devastated😭) so I’m going to go and see her in August – 22 days left to be exact.Β I’m going for 10 days – 9 nights and I am soooooo super excited 😍😍😍. I’ve never been to Boston before so I’m really Β looking forward to exploring a new city.


I booked my flights withΒ Norwegian AirlinesΒ for only €200 return!!! They had a massive sale on and with prices like that I just couldn’t say no! HOWEVER, the reason the flights were so cheap is 1. the fare doesn’t include checked baggage and 2. it also doesn’t include inflight meals. But I don’t mind because it’s only €70 to add on a checked bag (return) and I would prefer to bring my own little snacks and stuff to keep my going on the flight. While I was hunting for accommodation I soon discovered that the price for hotels in Boston is, to put it simply, extortionate! I mean, the prices were starting at €1,800 for 9 nights and going up as far as €5,000…. that’s just crazy!! Even the Air Bnb wasn’t coming in much cheaper. I found a hostel which had decent enough ratings, this was around €950, but the rooms were literally like prison cells. I decided to give Air Bnb one last trawl and I came across a gorgeous little apartment in central Boston for less than €1,200. An absolute steal if you ask me!

So aside from going shopping and eating everything in site my list of things to do includes –

  • Sam Adam’s Brewery
  • Quincy Market
  • Boston Tea Party Site
  • The Freedom Trail
  • Museum of Science
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Skywalk Observatory
  • Harvard University

and the list will go on because I’m still finding more things to see and doπŸ˜‚.

I will do some blog posts on my travel essentials and tips for you so do stay tuned. If you liked this post please do give it a little like or commentπŸ˜—.

Thank you for readingΒ πŸ˜—.

El xxx






First Adventure of 2017 is booked – Cancun, Mexico ✈️🌴


Hi everyone! And Happy New Year to you all, I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas with some well deserved time off. I worked my little brown bum off for most of it and I’m finally off for a few days to get my shit together! I have some college exams coming up too so if you are reading this, and you have a little teenchy bit of sympathy for me, light a candle please!

Anyway, as you can already read from the title I have booked the first of many trips away for 2017. Sean and I had been discussing various destinations and one that we kept coming back to was Cancun, Mexico. Something about the all inclusive, beach, spa, relaxation and amazing weather that Cancun has to offer is just so majorly appealing we decided to just go for it. Hoping of course that it wasn’t going to cost us an arm and a leg. We had a look at a few different Travel Agents and initially we were going to try and do Vegas and Cancun in one for about two weeks, but it was just working out too much with spending money and then it was taking up all of our holiday days in work. Soooo we decided to stick to just the one place and for 10 days. Anyway, I did my shopping around and loads of research on all of the different Hotels/Resorts (I love research, if I could get a job just looking up things that would be a dream come true!πŸ˜„). I read review after review on Tripadvisor trying to suss out the best Hotel/Resort, Tripadvisor is really amazing when you are going somewhere new because some of the blogs are really really helpful and full of info. After days of looking up places there was one place that kept standing out and that was the Sun Palace Resort (The Palace resorts were recommended to me already by a friend who had stayed there recently, and we all love when we get recommendations right? So I knew that the Palace Resorts were definitely going to be amaze). The Sun Palace is a couples only resort, so that means no kiddies or families (now honestly, don’t get me wrong, I am baby mad and I love kids and families but imagine how quiet a couples only place will be?). The resort is right on the beach and not far from the strip, it has the following amenities plus many more:

  • 4 Restaurantssun-palace-2
  • 3 Bars
  • A swim up bar (seriously though, a swim up bar! I can do my laps of the pool to the bar and back🀣 Double G&T please!🏊🏻🏊🏻
  • Spa with indoor pool, sauna and Jacuzzis
  • 24 Hour Room Service

Some of the travel agents didn’t get back to me (obviously didn’t want my money) and then others the deposit was a little high for us at the time. I got on to Tour America and basically told them that I wanted to go to Cancun, stay in the Sun Palace for 10 nights in early September and my budget is €2,200. And if the deal is good we would be interested in booking New York too. That wasn’t too much to ask for was it? I like to be straight to the point, can you tell?!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The agent got back to me literally the following morning and offered me a HUNREAL package, and you know what the deal breaker was? We only had to pay a €150 deposit. But cmere and I tell you, this woman knew what she was doing. Me being me I emailed back and asked a couple of questions, I always have questions, about upgrading and resort credits etc. She got back to me within the hour with a new package that included an upgrade to a Junior Suite for like €100 extra.. and wait for it, she told us we only had to pay a €50 deposit if we booked in December. Like, whoever taught her her sales skills deserves a pat on the back because I was literally running into the Tour America office throwing my €50 at themΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Coming from a hospitality and customer service backround there is literally nothing that I love more than prompt, efficient and friendly service, and this agent just had it all. I won’t name her but if you are looking to book a package holiday like Cancun, or Vegas or New York etc (they do cruises too) you have to check these guys out, amazing and 100% worth it.

So, we booked the Junior Suite which has an ocean view with a balcony, and wait for it… there’s a Jacuzzi in our room with a mini bar too!😍 We are leaving on the 9th of September and I cannot wait for it already. It will be turtle season when we are there and I read a few reviews that said the hotel clear the beach at night for the Mammy Turtles to go down and lay there eggs, and if you are lucky enough they have a baby turtle release day and you can release the babies into the sea 😍😍😍😍 I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!! I thought that booking a holidayΒ so far away would just be torture but I thought about two things;Β ONE:Β  I can start shopping for my holiday wardrobe now and pick up loads of bits for the next like 8 months.Β TWO:Β More time to save loads of moneyΒ πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘. Not that I will need much as it is all inclusive but, you have to account for some airport shopping right?

As always, thank you for reading, I will be doing aΒ blog post on what to pack etc. so stay tuned!

El xx